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¿Te gustaría trabajar en el extranjero, en alguna empresa multinacional o en una compañía cuyos clientes son de habla anglosajona? Entonces tarde o temprano tendrás que enfrentarte a una entrevista de trabajo en inglés. Aunque en casi todas las entrevistas laborales se formula el mismo tipo de preguntas, lo cierto es que tendrás que conocer las preguntas más habituales en la entrevista de trabajo en inglés y, sobre todo, prepararte bien las respuestas a dar. A continuación te presentamos algunas de las más frecuentes:

Errores que pueden hacerte quedar mal en una entrevista de trabajo
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What is your greatest strength? And your greatest weakness? // ¿Cuál es tu mayor fortaleza? ¿Y tu mayor debilidad?

I would say that I am a kind, creative person who thinks outside the box and is very decisive and resilient. As a weak point, maybe I’m a bit messy but i’m working hard to not be. In addition, I am very detailed, and this is not very good when work with no much time.

Why should we hire you? // ¿Por qué deberíamos contratarte?

Based on the research I have done, this company is expanding into the European market in the coming years. With my ten years of experience in international trade, I know that I can help make that transition successful. I would love to bring my diverse skill set to your company.

What motivates you? // ¿Qué es lo que más te motiva?

Challenges motivate me. I try to win, no matter the cost. It fulfills me and makes me wanting to learn more.

Why did you leave your last job? // ¿Por qué dejaste tu anterior empleo?

While overall my experience at my last job was positive and rewarding, after several years I feel that I have stagnated in terms of professional growth. Now I am looking for new challenges.

Tell me about yourself // ¿Qué puedes contarme sobre ti?

I’m efficient, highly organized and I pay attention to all the details. The most important thing to me at work is to make sure that everything is just fine

What are your salary expectations? // ¿Cuáles son tus expectativas salariales?

I am willing to negotiate the working conditions and salary that you can offer me. Taking into account the situation in the sector, I expect the gross salary to be between 1,500 and 1,800 euros.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? // ¿Dónde te ves dentro de 5 años?

I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to grow within this position to take on more exciting projects in the company

What makes you a good fit for our company? // ¿Qué te hace un buen candidato para nuestra empresa?

I consider myself a kind person, something fundamental for any commercial. In fact, in my previous job I had public service among my responsibilities and I am used to dealing with many people

Are you able to work under pressure? // ¿Estás capacitado para trabajar bajo presión?

I actually work better under pressure. Good pressure, such as an upcoming deadline, helps me to stay motivated and productive

If all jobs had he same pay and the same social status, what would you really like to do? // Si todos los trabajos tuvieran el mismo salario y el mismo estatus social, ¿qué te gustaría hacer realmente?

I would do the exact same thing that I am doing now. I consider myself a lucky person, because from the moment I set foot in college to study what I studied I knew that I was on the right track and that was what I wanted to work on.

What was your worst job mistake? // ¿Cuál ha sido tu peor error profesional?

I once sent an email to a person by mistake. Although it did not contain confidential information, the recipient did feel upset. When I realized the mistake, I spoke with my superior to explain the situation and propose to apologize personally. The client understood that it had been a human error.

Are you in other selection processes? // ¿Estás en otros procesos de seleción?

I am currently in an active job search but I do not have a firm offer from another company.

What do you feel you need to develop in terms of skill and knowledge in order to be ready for that opportunity?

I need to improve my English and know your work methodology to adjust well to it

How did you find out about this position? // ¿Cómo te has enterado de este puesto de trabajo?

I found this job offer through LinkedIn. I’ve always wanted to work with you, so I had a job alert ready.

Why have you been so long without work? // ¿Por qué llevas tanto tiempo sin trabajo?

I have been for some time without having the opportunity to work. However, I have taken the opportunity to train myself in the use of computer programs and improve my level of English. In addition, I have kept up to date with the news of the sector.

Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower? // ¿Te consideras un líder o un subordinado?

Given that for the last three years I have worked as a department head, I would say the first option. However, when I started my career I did it as a subordinate, so I also adapt quite well to requests that come from above. Depending on the needs of the company, I will adapt to one profile or another.

What would you say are the areas needing improvement? // ¿En qué áreas crees que deberías mejorar?

At the moment, I need to improve my English. And maybe I could improve my analytical skills a bit more.

What kind of people do you find most difficult to work with and why? // ¿Con qué tipo de personas te cuesta más trabajar y por qué?

Is hard to work with people who have a closed mind, don’t want to listen proposals or don’t know how to work in team.

Can you give me an example of your ability to manage or supervise others? // ¿Podrías darme un ejemplo de tu habilidad para supervisar a otros trabajadores?

I have had apprentices under my charge and I have given some training, such as color theory or composition focused on social networks. I enjoy teaching and I have no problem with it.

What would you say is the most important thing you are looking for in a job? // ¿Qué es lo más importante que estás buscando en un trabajo?

I want a workplace that is my second home, where I feel that my teammates and my bosses listen to me and can help me. And me too, of course

What were some of the things about your last job that you found most difficult to do? // ¿Qué tareas de tu anterior empleo te resultaron más difíciles de hacer?

Sometimes it is difficult to anticipate the tastes or behaviors of users, it is not always correct. That is why you always have to be analyzing and collecting information

What is your long-term employment or career objectives? // ¿Cuáles son tus objetivos profesionales a largo plazo?

For the moment I want to learn a lot and live new experiences. I feel like I have a lot to tell and learn. I would love to have stability working on what I’m passionate about.

What kind of things do you feel most confident in doing? // ¿Con qué tipo de tareas te sientes más seguro?

I like to manage social networks, see what users answer, interact with them. But I also enjoy planning campaigns or coming up with ideas.